Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stealth politics

The legislative and regulatory reform bill probably isn't the sort of theing that has you rushing out to the newsagents demanding more copy. Ironically the Independent last week had an article on about page 47 about how the bill should be getting more front-page media attention! The Guaardian's take ont he situation is at least available on-line. There is also a decent explanation on The Times website.

Basically the new laws, which no-one is making a fuss about, not least because no-one has noticed it's happening, will make it possible for ministers to push new legislation through without parliament actually voting on it, just because they think they "need to". So for example Emperor Blair could decide that in the interests of, ooh, err, lets say "fighting terrorism", elections and voting are cancelled until further notice and everyone has to pay taxes to him personally.

But nice to know that the global balance is being maintained: Iraq is getting "democracy" it's not ready for and we're losing ours because we're all too half-asleep to even notice.

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staghounds said...

Conservative (not Tory, conservative) and libertarian blogs have been all over it.

There's a website-