Friday, March 03, 2006

Local girls

An old friend of mine from when I lived in Bury St Edmunds has a band which - I'm ashamed to admit - I haven't gotten round to going to see yet (and I'm on holiday next time they're in London too). However The Guardian has picked up on them after they won the NME radar award for being the "next big thing". There's a big feature on them today with a very cool photo with my friend (also called Kate) looking fabulous (as she always does).

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Richard Gibson said...

Sadly no mention in the article of the hotbed of talent that the great late John Peel R.I.P. labelled the next Seattle - Bury St Edmunds.

After you win the Perrier prize and they reach #1, journalist will be swamping around the tow-an.

Ah well...