Monday, August 08, 2005

Festival update

Show number five today for the Hot Starlets. We were very nearly full tonight, seems like momentum is gathering for the show. I'm really hoping we will start selling out eventually and then I'll be off the hook for flyering and more. Also momentum is gathering for me(!), I did two other shows today, a local pub's lunchtime show, which I compered, then a ten minute spot on Park's Circus - a really nice straightforward stand-up show nightly at Roman Eagle Lodge. They have a different guest every night and I was very flattered to be asked to do it. Was a lot of fun, nice crowd and nice evening.

In terms of other shows, I have a couple of recommendations: Firstly Appelby's Journey to the 21st Century which I can't go see cos it clashes with my own show but (a) she did a snippet as part of the Hot Starlets and it was great and (b) Debs and I are sharing a flat so I've seen the rehearsals and nearly peed myself in the living room. Secondly We Are Klang in Yee Ha Klang which I saw last night is a really funny sketch show. I'm going to go again later in the month, it's that funny!


Cruella said...

Ooooh a new phenomenon on the Cru-blog... weirdos posting links to their own commercial sites. I don't mind relevant stuff but hotel reservation sites and a ceiling fan sales site...? Sorry but that's really pathetic. I will delete all such posts.

Cruella said...

Yeah thanks. At the moment its sufficiently rare that I can delete them by hand. If it escapates I might have to start only letting registered users post, but I'd rather let the general public have their say, well those who can do so politely anyway!