Monday, January 03, 2011

Tidings of Little Comfort or Joy

So Mr Cru and I went for a little walk today and on our way back a guy was putting up a sign above a doorway at the end of our road that says "Sauna open". I figured there is at least a one in a million chance that they're actually opening a sauna rather than a brothel so I went over to ask how much they charge for deep cleansing mud treatment and reflexology and, reassuringly, he ran away. I called the Met and they tell me they're going to send their "safer neighbourhoods" team round - oddly not the human trafficking squad but I suppose better than nothing, which is what I imagine they'll actually do. [Oh that's not fair - they might go round and ask for a price-list, perform some quality control...]

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But the Metropolitan Police have far more important issues to deal with than investigating as to whether or not a business claiming to be a Sauna is in fact a prostitution business.

Remember police's priorities are reducing property crime; keeping the streets safe for men to enter in safety' reducing male on male knife crime; preventing teen males from engaging in 'loutish behaviour.'

Police don't have time to concern themselves about women being sexually enslaved - after all as pro-prostitution apologists claim - prostitution is just 'work' is it not?? Remember no humans are harmed in prostitution.

Men's rights and men's interests first, second and last as always!