Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Police and The Streets

Joan Smith has written an ace piece about exactly what Jeremy Vine and I were discussing earlier in the week with a total idiot (by which I mean one of the Daily Mail's finest writers).

Before I did the interview on BBC Radio Two I did another interview for an Iranian TV station about abortion (and no, I don't know where and when it's on, maybe someone will let me know when they see it). Between shootings I was chatting to the producer and she told me that the night before she had been walking home around half ten when a man approached her and asked for directions. She directed him but then noticed he didn't walk off in the direction she had advised him to go - he started following her instead. She tried doubling back on herself but he still followed. Now feeling rather stressed she spotted a branch of a gym open and went in to the reception. She could see the guy hanging around outside. She called the police and explained what was going on. They asked her where she lived and where she was then told her "it's only a few blocks, just go home". She explained again that she was being followed and didn't feel safe doing so. They told her they were busy and couldn't come and help her for at least an hour and a half to two hours. The gym closed 30 minutes later and she had no choice but to run home hoping he had given up and gone away.

What is the point of issuing warnings to women and not being prepared to respond when women heed these warnings and contact them for help?



Because warning women to get home before darkness falls ensures that male accountability is never discussed. Then too police warning women not to venture out without a male bodyguard ensures the pressure is taken off the police, who by the way continue to be male-dominated.

I'm still waiting for police to warn men every time a knife crime is committed because knife crimes is another issue 'sensationalised' by the media. Given the victims targetted are male as are the ones commiting murder by using a knife then clearly males should be told 'keep off the streets 24/7 because you never know if you might not be the next victim.'

But I have far better idea - let's banish all men to an isolated island then all women's lives will be safe and we won't have to worry about 'the bogey man!' Or divide UK into half and put men in the upper part and women in the lower and that way too women's lives will be safe - because there won't be any violent men around dominating and controlling women.

Am I serious in suggesting men be denied access to women?? Yes if you're an MRA - no if you are a feminist.

miawal said...

Good grief Kate, that is horrendous. The police really do seem to be as much use as a hole in the head. Excellent point Jennifer about men never EVER being told to stay indoors at night after there has been a shooting/stabbing. The Joan Smith article was fab - a lot of the comments were most definitely not!

Deb said...

Oh that is terrible behaviour on behalf of the police. Too busy to do their job? Not the most comfortable of thoughts.