Monday, July 05, 2010

Cru Answers Back

I was on The Big Questions again yesterday. The first question I was answering was "Are women bishops more trouble than they're worth?", which is frankly an odd question. I'd think a better question would be "Why are there so many misogynists in the Church of England?". The second one I got in on was "Does Britain need more hugs?". I did feel that I didn't get as much chance to get my points across as I have on previous shows (the debate often seemed to be between fundamentalist Christians and moderate Christians) but I've had lots of positive feedback. So if you want to see what happened do take a peek here.

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Question should have been 'are male bishops who refuse to accept women priests as bishops more trouble than they're worth!'

The issue of female clergy within the Anglican church still has not been resolved and the reason is because many male clergy rigidly adhere to the myth of male supremacy and male domination over women.

But guess who are the ones busily working away in the background, cleaning the churches, ensuring the church is well supplied with flowers, holding fund raising tea parties and doing other mundane admin. tasks. Why it is women of course but these women are invisible because only men can attain the position of bishop which includes of course, power and control over all women and lesser male beings.

Grow up male clergy because it is long overdue that women were once again accorded our rightful place of attaining a bishopric.