Saturday, April 24, 2010

Look! Feminist T-Shirts!

Good - pretend to be straight so some stupid guy buys you dinner.

Better - invite your girlfriend to join you and watch as he frantically plies you both with drinks in a futile attempt to engineer a threesome.

Best - send him home to play World of Warcraft while you and your girlfriend head over to Stand-Up For Women, May 19th, Comedy Pub, Oxenden Street.

Or have I missed something? T-Shirts available from one of those crappy tourist places on the Tottenham Court Road end of Oxford Street where despite the evidence presented about you are apparently "not allowed" to take photos (ooops). Tickets for Stand-Up For Women available from Guys welcome, just not the sort of dickheads who go round in T-Shirts like this one!

1 comment:

PH said...

No, it's clearly a t-shirt for geeks geeky genetic scientists.

Good: Manage to actually speak to a women.

Better: Break scientific boundaries by being the first to clone a human being.

Best: Beat your record score on Sensible Soccer on the Sega MegaDrive.