Tuesday, April 13, 2010

About Face

Yesterday David Cameron said "There’s a contrast in this campaign, frankly: no new ideas from Labour, a negative campaign all about attacks and trying to scare people and very positive agenda-setting ideas from the Conservatives.".

Today the Tory manifesto was launched and facebook was kind enough to show me an advert for the Conservatives facebook page. I clicked of course, since advertisers normally get paid per click and I feel at least some of Lord Ashcroft's money should be spent on me! The page had at the top the new manifesto, and right next to it a very, very unflattering picture of Gordon Brown and what I can only describe as, well, I suppose an "attack"...Almost seems like Mr Cameron just says any old toss he thinks we want to hear and doesn't even bother to check if he own party website directly contradicts what he says. Well in the interests of political balance I would hate to put up a picture of Mr Brown here on the Cru-blog and not one of Mr Cameron. Here's one that really brings out his natural warmth and humanity:What a smug over-paid slimy misogynist git. Also pictured: Peter Stringfellow.

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