Saturday, January 02, 2010

Words and Their Meanings

There are many excellent dictionary sites on the internet, most are available for free. What a shame that well-paid lawyer Yale Galanter hasn't logged on to one lately. BBC reports that Charlie Sheen put a knife to Brooke Mueller Sheen's throat and threatened to kill her. Mr Galanter responds by telling the media that they are "very much in love". Err no, she may be in love with him (she'd have to be to put up with that behaviour) but the whole knife-throat-death-threat-thing is the big clue here about his feelings for her. "Love" is more of a cuddles-poetry-flowers-dinner-dates-fireplaces-long-walks sort of a thing. Knives and death threats would be "hate".

And before you ask - yes those are my skinny knuckles biro-ed up in the photo. Am going to try to use my new phone to take my own photos for the blog this year rather than borrowing from around the web as I have in the past. Well we'll see how long that lasts!



BBC reporter Galanter is correct Martin Sheen is 'in love with Brooke Mueller Sheen' but Galanter neglected to state for many men including woman-abuser Martin Sheen, this means 'I own you and you are my slave - I command and you obey - any disobedience on you part will be swiftly punished by my threatening and/or inflicting sexual/physical/pyschological violence on you.'

It is called male property rights and male sexual ownership of women, but has to be hidden because our patriarchal society consistently tells women 'your sole role is to serve your male partner's sexual/emotional/labour etc needs and you must always put your own needs/desires/ambitions last.'

Whenever men inflict violence against female partners, there are always a host of male bystanders proclaiming such violence was not violence but 'men's love of women.' Galanter is no exception - he too is excusing/justifying/minimalising men's violence against women.

No wonder so many women believe they are responsible for supposedy 'causing their male partner to commit violence against them.' Patriarchal society goes to immense lengths to keep women in a constant state of wondering whether their reality is 'true' or whether men's excuses/denials are the 'real reality.'

Cruella said...

Good points - although I think you mean Charlie Sheen, not his dad!