Wednesday, August 12, 2009

But Really Though - Are Women Funny?

Yesterday morning I joined a 79 other female comics for one big photoshoot to hopefully put paid once and for all to the whole "Why don't women do comedy?" and "Why aren't women funny?" line of uninvestigative lazy journalism. It was a lot of fun.


JM said...

Ohh, looks good - is the full set of photos going up online anyway?

Cruella said...

I hope so - also the big photo of all of us is apparently going to be sent to all the women who were there so the answer on that front is yes - I'll put it up here.

Unknown said...

I'm very late to this story (!) but just wanted to say that I'm slightly sad that in The Times' coverage of this excellent event, the author of the piece wrote:

"This was a protest where piety and humourless politics remained off the agenda."

"Even comedians who sounded as if they might have been militant feminists turned out to be benign."

And, one of the particpants (Anna Crilly) apparently said:

"Then we realised that people might think that we're right-on and hairy-armpitted. We're not."


Why can't The Times just cover the story without having to say: "Don't worry lads! They're not feminists!" Etc.

And why did Crilly feel she had to reassure the journalist that she is not "right on and hairy-armpitted"?

Did she not see the irony?