Monday, August 17, 2009

Are You Not Angry Enough Today?

Got that joys-of-srping feeling driving you round the bend. Need to psych yourself up for the day? Luckily The Male's own Liz Jones is on hand with her blow-by-blow account of how revoltingly women age.
To quote her: "if you are over 50 you shouldn't be smiling".
Angry enough yet? If not why not clear away any valuable crockery and read the whole thing?

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Liz Jones' piece was nothing less than a clever advertising junket. I tried to read her article but quickly became bored through having to read endless 'placement names' promoting the pseudo benefits of buying doubtless very expensive and worthless beauty products.

How about an article Liz on men and aging and what men need to do about their receding hair or the excess baggage they are carrying around their waists.

I wonder whether these beauty product companies paid any money to the Daily Male for the blatant advertising of their products. Remember newspapers are not in the business of 'news' rather their sole aim is to increase their profit margins.

Likewise did Liz Jones receive any remuneration for advertising these products? Women's magazines earn their money from product placement being carefully inserted after an article which subtly or not, advises female readers what products they should be buying in order to retain their oh so fleeting 'childlike image' which is so attractive to adult men.