Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Like Nothing On (Google) Earth

The Guardian reports that there has been a run of "hilarious" penis drawings on roofs and playing fields for the benefit of Google earth cameras. There seems only one appropriate response - I shall take my paint pot and head sky-wards to see how the media react to a huge cunt on my roof! Will The Sun and The Guardian and the BBC be tripping over themselves to discuss my humorous prank or will they be horrified and disgusted at my inappropriate and un-lady-like behaviour? I think we all know.

Alternatively maybe I should revive an ancient tradition and daub my roof with a modern Sheela Na Gig!?


Loraine Despres said...

How frightful! I will see to it that my church, the Church of Perpetual Repentance,bans you and your disgusting ideas immediately!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this idea, and if I had a roof, I'd join you.

Damn bottom floor apartment.

Ketutar said...

So did you? If not, why not? I'm poor, sick and scared little mouse, so I won't be making 20 feet Goddess banners, or knit a dress to the poor, nude girl in front of our railway station, or make cunty pictorams on soccer fields. Also, I hate crop circles (destroying all that FOOD!!!), otherwise I might go and draw a giant cunt there. It's really easy too, just 4 lines. But did you? Or do you censor yourself?