Monday, March 16, 2009

How Women Will Survive The Recession

According to The Guardian, via The F-Word, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission is about to recommend holding off on bringing in equal pay audits in the UK because the "economic climate is too fragile".

So great news for the women of Britain, we're expected to survive the economic crisis on 17% less than our male counterparts (20% for ethnic minority women, 36% for part time workers, 45% for part time workers in London)? How exactly is that reasonable? Every time I open the paper I read about single mothers and how they should be working, but how exactly are you supposed to raise three kids on 45% less than equivalent male pay in an recession while the CSA don't bother to pursue your ex-partner for support? Although some supposedly serious newspapers are suggesting you can beat the credit crunch by turning to prostitution!

So here's a better idea for all those in government blatantly unable to think of one. Let's criminalise men who pay for sex - punishable with a steep fine. And use the money to help follow up on measures to bring about equal pay for women and quality childcare available to all lone parents. How do I keep having these great ideas...?

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I like your idea.