Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bit Low On Anger Today?

These two articles might ramp your anger levels up enough for the time being...

Firstly a young woman in Australia who had been the victim of extensive sexual abuse at the hands of her step-father. The guy took more than 10,000 pornographic pictures of his step-daughter over a four-year period. One day he forced her at gunpoint to give him oral sex then put the gun down behind him. She picked it up and shot him in the head. Are you thinking what a brave young woman? Wrong! She's now being put on trial for murder. I told you you'd be angry.

And the second one is a follow-up on a case I've discussed before. A woman with a mental age of 8 was gang-raped and then covered in caustic soda by her attackers. Now firstly you'll notice that the original report says "up to ten men" attacked her. Other sources also say "ten men". The second report is about the sentencing of three men. The Daily Mail claims one of the men has since been shot and hence only nine could have been punished. Still I guess it's only the worse gang-rapists we should punish - not all of them. And the three who have been sentenced got 9 years, 6 years and 6 years maximim sentences - and it has been suggested they could be out in 2 and a half years with good behaviour, etc. Angry yet? At least the sentences are now being reviewed.


Unknown said...

Oh jeezus effing... Don't you just love this:

But Crown prosecutor Mark Gamble said the teenager's dismembering of the body and attempts to cover up the murder, along with forming a relationship with a man her stepfather had banned her from seeing three days after his death, could be construed as something other than self-defence.

Stacks and stacks of photos & videos chronicling the abuse, but since she "formed a relationship" with someone the rat bastard had banned her from seeing, that means she might have just killed him so she could be with her boyfriend??? I hope Crown Prosecutor Mark Gamble isn't married and doesn't have daughters. No female should have to have a neanderthal like him in her life.

Rosemary Cottage said...

Christ! Yes, you were right, it did make me angry.

Unknown said...

As seen as we're talking about Australia this one should make your blood boil aswell:

You can't make it up.

Unknown said...

I used to work for a domestic violence/sexual assault crisis center. I was the SA advocate. One of the DV advocates & I were asked to come speak to a psychology class at the local community college. The DV advocate went first and was interrupted only about 5 minutes into her presentation by a guy who proceeded to lambaste her for speaking against the Bible! He kept insisting that it was right there in the Bible that the man is supposed to be the head of the household and that, if a man needed to use physical force to keep his wife in her place, that was just okey-dokey with God. As you might guess, I got the usual tripe from him that women invite rape by dressing in provocative clothing, going to bars, etc. Wouldn't you know it, about 3 months later, his wife became one of our clients. They're divorced now and his children won't even speak to him. But he's still a good Christian.