Friday, January 16, 2009

Having a Hoot

Nikolai Grushevski is either a nutter trying to grab five minutes of fame or he might just be the most exciting new feminist on the block. He's taking Hooter's - the restaurant chain that serves objectification of women as well as disgusting food - to court because they won't give him a job.

I guess I've wondered several times whether Hooter's couldn't be effectively brought down from the inside by a series of cases like these. Would be really interesting to see if older women or disabled women could also sue over the restrictive employment policy.

Sadly we live in a culture where misogyny is so rife that even supposedly young and trendy, right-on news sources like Current TV where I found this article feel the need to add remarks like this "Thankfully, the lawsuit says that Grushevski isn't trying to stop the restaurant from hiring Hooters Girls." So don't worry, even if he wins you'll still be able to eat gross food and stare at women in tight T-shirts and tiny shorts.

And of course the comments are even worse: one says "no dude wants to sit down expecting a hot chick to come up and then get a dude waiter at a suggestively-themed restaurant". Which may be true but I can think of at least one "hot chick" - me - who would really love to be a fly on the wall and watch that scene! Go Nikolai!

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