Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Might I Be Paranoid?

It's easy to think you're paranoid. But that doesn't mean everyone's not against you. So three things I noticed.

Firstly I was on the bus going to do a lovely show at ASK pizzeria in Reigate and when the bus pulled up, he pulled up right at the other end of the stop to where I was stood, even though I was the only one at the stop. The driver looked at me in a sort of a horrid way as I got on and I thought "he hates women". Then I thought, don't be stupid he's probably just having a slow day. Then half way down Shoreditch High Street he pulls the bus over where a young attractive woman is sitting on a fence NOT AT A BUS STOP and not indicating she wants to get on the bus and says "alright darling, you not getting on?" in a creepy creepy way. She says "no" and he closes the door and drives on?!! And I think maybe my instincts are actually pretty good.

Secondly I see a London black cab driver is in court answering to 40 cases of attempting to drug and rape women in London. And this comes after all those really angry-making adverts "warning" women not to get into unlicensed minicabs, but to hold out for a proper black cab. One of the victims who was drugged but escaped before being assaulted said she didn't go to the police initially because she didn't think it was a big thing. Where are the poster campaigns saying "Women, Think You Might Have Been Drugged? Come Forward Immediately And Help Us Keep Other Women Safe From Rapist Bastards"?? Met not bothering to put those ones up?

Thirdly this article. A restaurant "accidentally" put the phrase "Suck My Dick Fuck Face" on to a restaurant bill for a table of ten young women. Their defense? It was only meant for kitchen staff to see and shouldn't have been on the bill. The restaurant has apologised, given the money to charity and offered the women a free meal. Would you back to a restaurant that thought it was perfectly ok for staff to jokingly write "Suck My Dick Fuck Face" on your bill as long as only the kitchen staff saw it?

One fucked up world this one...

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butterflywings said...

Sorry to hear about the idiot bus driver.

Agree about the cab driver...yeah, funny how there are stupid campaigns about not getting into unlicensed cabs, but no warning a drug rapist was about, much less request to come forward with information!

Yeah, easy enough to think you're paranoid...women do feel that, perhaps because we are constantly told we are "oversensitive" to sexism?