Saturday, September 15, 2007

In Your Face-Book

I'm not even sure why I started reading this article - about people who decided to close their Facebook accounts - but what a weird find when I did. I can well understand people deciding they spend too much time online, that social networking sites, online games and blogging can be highly addictive. Whether they distract you from your work or leave you with too little time to do other things, fair enough. The author however has quit Facebook for a totally different reason - her jealous partner!

"it ... made my boyfriend Danny ... incredibly insecure. As one of my friends, he could view my profile page, my friends’ list and my ‘wall’"

"Reading my ex’s flirty messages, however innocent, made him insanely jealous. He hated the fact that I was in touch with men I’d once slept with and that some of them had posted up old pictures of us together which I had no power to remove."

Hold on - that's not internet addiction - that's having an unreasonable, controlling partner. How insecure is this guy that he can't bear to look at a picture of his girlfriend with an old flame? And of course he doesn't HAVE to look at these pictures if he doesn't want to - he only looks at them because he's snooping through her site, digging for dirt. And it's quite frightening that the article totally glosses over that, acting as though that sort of behaviour is normal.

Makes you realise how lucky you are - at the end of last year Mr Cru and I went away to a music festival with an old flame of mine and his new partner and, err, we all got along great. In fact I know she reads this blog, Hi Abi!


Absinthecity said...

Hehe...yes, the whole ex-hating thing has never really been in my vocabulary, and I think it would drive me up the wall if a boyfriend had issues with one.

UneFemmePlusCourageuse said...

I hate my ex enough for both me and my boyfriend. But that's a whole nother issue. I've never met any of my boyfriend's exes--but if I someday did I'd think I'd at least TRY to get along with them, considering that as far as I know none of them ever did anything to hurt him.

Cruella said...

Yeah well I date guys I like and get on with, so why wouldn't I get on with the last person they liked and got on with.

Not that you can't have a bad break-up. Certainly there are relationships that I left because I realised that the other person didn't have my best interests at heart and wasn't in it in an honest way. Then I've left and never looked back. That's the exception though - mostly we agree to amicably go our seperate ways and then stay in touch.

Especially when they start dating super-cool people like Abi from Dollymix!