Monday, September 24, 2007

Excuse Me While I Bang My Head Against This Handy Wall

In all seriousness, I've just seen Gordon Brown's speech to the Labour Party conference. He didn't mention Iraq. At all. But he did quote the bible. Oh great.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Shame I missed that. Why do people always fall back on quoting the Bible when they run out of sensible things to say/proper evidence etc? It doesn't prove anything. All quoting the Bible is evidence of is a knowledge of the Bible.

Jennifer Ewing said...

Well, I think it's more evidence that he wants to reassure people that he's going to uphold certain traditional values, which, granted, isn't exactly any better.

I'm actually finding it hard getting used to living in a country where Church and State aren't separated (that said, French officials do their share of bowing their heads in cathedrals too). I definitely think there's a place for religion and find theology to be a fascinating subject. But faith has no place in government, not in any shape or form.

Kirsten said...

I thought he did mention Iraq. Very briefly though, in the same breath as Afghanistan.

But gaaah for the Biblical quote.