Thursday, September 21, 2006

Welsh Cru

Cru and Mr Cru had a lovely weekend away celebrating Bitter's birthday (of the gothic storytelling/comedy duo Bitter and Twisted) and taking the opportunity to visit the Centre for Alternative Technology, second time there for me but new on Mr Cru and Twisted and fascinating for us all. Recommend a trip if you are in the area any time. Last time I stayed at the eco-retreat tipis, though I can't find the proper website for that although it is available as a weekend through lots of the "experience"-selling websites like here.

And I'm back in Wales (sort-of) tomorrowas a guest of Nicola Haywood-Thomas on BBC Radio Wales. I'll be there sometime between 1.30pm and 2pm explaining why Britain being top of the European league-tables for plastic surgery is nothing to be proud of. Please listen in and if you like dial in and back me up too!

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Cruella said...

Was asked today how this went - very well thanks. Interesting stuff. Have done a few of these and am usually positioned against some young-ish woman who's extensive surgery has been done for purely aesthetic reasons. The woman opposite me this time was rather older and said she'd had a number of proceedures because she was finding it impossible to continue her career as an older woman and wanted to earn more. In her case I can totally sympathise with her reasons for choosing surgery but it certainly isn't good news for society if that's the only way women of a certain age can stay in the workforce.