Saturday, September 30, 2006

London Free Papers - As Rubbish As The Rest

Glad someone else noticed this. Personally I usually look up the latest news on the BBC on my 'phone on the way in. Eventually I was tempted however and picked up one of the freebees (actually I picked up about three - I had to to clear a seat so I could sit down on the bus). And the coverage they offer is RUBBISH, utter RUBBISH. Posh Spice, Jordan, Kate Moss, articles about "Why I like reading this free paper rather than the other one" and general piffle.

One of them today (the one without a website) had a front cover headline along the lines of "Modern Life Causes Breast Cancer". The point is sound of course: increases in obesity, drinking, poor diets, lack of exercise, etc have led to dramatic increases in breast cancer rates (women being bigger means there's more breast matter to be at risk for starters). However the article headline to me at least implies that the rise has been caused by women getting the vote, joining the workforce, etc and the article itself glosses over the factors above and focusses on the fact that we're all not having enough babies before we hit 30.

Now I don't know any specific numbers but here's a straightforward FACT that I am sure about - the risks of having a baby outweigh the risks of not having one. True all over the world ladies - if you want to live longer, don't have kids. Another thing that isn't mentioned is the amount of women having breast "enhancement" surgery, I can't help thinking intrusive surgery to insert a sack full of silicon that might burst at any moment int your breasts probably doesn't reduce your cancer risk...

...that sort of article really is what I call a waste of trees!

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Cruella said...

Yeah there are a lot of cases at the moment of the old saying "you don't get something for nothing" - companies providing school text books only to find math level one questions one: Tommy and Jane go to McDonalds to eat some healthy food, Tommy has a Big Mac costing 1.49 and Jane has a Nugget Happy Meal costing 1.29. How much do they spend in total?

And you probably get, as I do, very regular e-mails asking me to put adverts on my blog and get paid for it. The only thing you have to sell is your soul!