Friday, April 14, 2006

Lad Mags Revisited

You may remember me from such thrilling stories as "Why I hate Lad Mags" and "What's Wrong With Lad Mags". Well the subject is all the rage again now thanks to Sainsbury's supermarket who have announced they're going to use "modesty covers" to prevent children and persons who might be offended from seeing the cover images on these magazines on their shelves. Not a bad move, although I can't say it strikes me as a complete solution to the cultural plague of demeaning depictions of women. Anyway since it's the hot topic again I was on BBC Radio Yorkshire yesterday, followed by BBC Radio Five Live (and you can listen again here - you need to fast forward - I am on about 1hr 20 minutes in). And tomorrow morning I'll be on Breakfast TV, on BBC1 at about a quarter to nine. Please take a look if you're up at that time.

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Richard Gibson said...

I've just read this and it's nearly 10.00. Can you put the clip on You Tube?
I think it's pretty easy to upload.