Sunday, April 16, 2006

Who died and made him pope?

The pope has been putting the world to rights in his Easter speech. Who asked him? Personally I prefer my political advice from someone who:

(a) Doesn't espouse the idea of completely outlawing contraception - the only hope the planet has of not choking itself to death with environmental degradation in the next few generations.

(b) Doesn't believe a load of superstitious nonsense about the earth being created in six days, an afterlife with angels and/or demons and a "loving" god who detests homosexuals.

(c) Doesn't dress like he's on his way to a Dungeons and Dragons convention.

Rowan Williams has done much better and restricted his comments to the latest bandwagon-jumping Harry Potter copy-cat novel: The Da Vinci Code.

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lost clown said...

I forgot not to be drinking when I read your blog.