Thursday, April 07, 2005

Quick flutter

Personally I don't believe a woman can win the Grand National.

I think a horse will win.


Cruella said...

Man City? The Premiership? Approximately none. Although given the trend for adding new leagues above the old ones (the Premiership and now the Championship) there is a reasonable chance that in a few years having dropped out of the Super-Premiership and then been relegated in humiliating style from the Uber-Premiership, they could then win the Premiership, which would effectively be the old third division.

In general I agree Man Ure are a bunch of cheating wankers but I have to say it is difficult to imagine what the ref could do other than award a corner in the case that an opposing team player has knocked the ball off the back of the court. And since both goals were scored off corners the cheating jiggery-pokery behind the result must have been really well planned.

I have the priveledge of not having been born until 1975 so I must confess I don't have a strongly held view on the subject for that one but I do vividly remember when the mighty Ipswich (you remember them? i seem to remember we relegated you a few years back and you took it rather badly. awww di-dums...) won it in 1961/62 when I was minus 13 under the great alf ramsay.

Anyway yak yak yak, i assume your comments were intended to "hilariously" point out that women don't know anything about football. In which case you picked the wrong Tractor Girl to argue with and unlucky. Actually I play at quite a good level too. Thanks for asking.

Cruella said...

so what was the "point" of your posts then? you wish to bet money with me? or merely to open up the debate to include the intellectual discussion of manchester city football club? or were you pissed when you wrote it?

Cruella said...

ok i think you missed the point of logging on to a feminist blog.