Tuesday, April 05, 2005

In the beginning...

Despite the pre-noon, April 1st date on this BBC story, apparently there is some truth in it. Yes there are folks living in BRitain who honestly believe that God made the world in six days and Darwin was a nutter! They actually have an exhibition up in Portsmouth and are distributing a book titled "True Science agrees with the Bible"! They quote Dr Monty White who says "Evolution is not compatible with Christianity". Which raises two good points I think:

1) Christianity is not compatible with the Christianity. The Bible contradicts itself many times over and different parts of the church can never agree on the details of a lot of issues.

2) If evolution is not compatible with Christianity, then maybe Christianity isn't true.

I'd like to see a museum called the Darwin Expo, coupled with a book entitled "True Science proves there's no God". Lets no go the way of stupid America. If anyone tries to talk to you about creationism, tell them they're an idiot and walk away.

In the meantime however here are some top blog-sters and other web resources who have covered the issue:


I saw Dawkins speak once when I was a student at Oxford. He's a great ambassador for the voice of reason, atheist, rationalist, Darwinist folk. If this nonsense persists I hope he comes out and clobbers them.


Cruella said...

And if your opinion is that "most people have nine legs", should you be teaching it in schools? Creationism is just plain wrong. Scientifically wrong. We shouldn't present it to kids or anyone else as a plausible explanation for the origins of the universe. In the same way we shouldn't teach them that cigarettes are good for them. Because its a lie.

Cruella said...

Given a straight choice I would prefer to do away with religious schools altogether. And incidentally with corporate-sponsored schools too. Tax-payers should pay for education which should be provided on a secular and independent basis. Sorry if that's a bit too way-out and radical for anyone.

And as for smoking - I think it's a bad idea to teach kids its good for you but I wasn't planning on actually illegalising it totally. Having said which I think the proposed ban in public places is probably the right step forward. I would be keen to see the age at which people can buy cigarettes raised too. Actually I gave up three weeks ago, had hypnotherapy and haven't even been seriously tempted since.

Cruella said...

well i've got some money in the bank so presumably if i pay for a school dedicated to the worship of torture implements and human sacrifice you'll send your kids there?

should education policy be designed to give every kid a good, fair start in life. or just to a cursory education-type experience on the lowest budget manageable?

you can have your space-suit pubs though if you like. my views on smoking are not particularly fixed, i just think we should generally be looking at fazing it out in the UK at a pace people can deal with.

incidentally hypnotherapy really worked for me, if anyone is thinking of giving up i recommend it.