Thursday, September 09, 2004

Interesting viewing

Did anyone else see "Don't Worry!", described as "Britain's first investigative consumer affairs series with puppets!" last night? Today I can't seem to find out any info about it except a bare-bones listing on the Channel 4 website. Last night's was about the oil industry and the pending distruction of the entire planet. The highlight was the discussion of "greenwashing". Better still right after the discussion on greenwashing there was a commercial break and one of the adverts shown was "E$$O has been investing in the fuels of tomorrow..." one of these classic efforts where no actual numbers on the % of profits or revenues being invested are offered, just a lot of pictures of sunsets and kiddies and stuff. Exactly what they had just been talking about.

My watching it really just preaching to the converted. But it makes a nice point, with the puppets, that you don't need to be Einstein to understand things like environmental issues. Its a strange time-slot but perhaps it will catch a few people unawares and spread a little healthy discomfort.

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