Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Blair's election promises

Why is Tony Blair bothering this year? He never kept them in the past! Remember when he said he wouldn't raise income tax? And he wouldn't introduce tuition fees? Here's what Tony said at the Labour conference in 1994:

"We meet in a spirit of hope, hope that change can come....
hope that we can rid our country of this Tory Government
their broken promises
their failed policies
their discredited philosophy
and elect in its place, a Labour Government for Britain."

Actually its worth a read of that speech in full... but here are a few highlights:

"We applaud Yitzhak Rabin's Labour government and Yasser Arafat's PLO, for breaking new ground to help the Palestinian people towards self government in the Gaza Strip and Jericho and bring peace to the Middle East."

Yes Tony, peace in the middle east is good...

"Fifty years ago, the British Labour government helped to form theUnited Nations.
We will continue to work for it to be stronger, more cohesive and capable of bringing new order to a world no longer dominated by the Cold War."

...oh and we'll also ignore what it says and head off war-mongering on our own when we feel like it. The leader of the UN will describe our behaviour as "illegal"....

well and it goes on to complain about how the Tories are leaving students in poverty and letting the rich get richer and so on, all the things that Labour has done nothing about and in a fair few cases made worse.

Not that I wish to suggest the Tories would be a better choice. But at least they tell you they're going to screw you before they screw you...

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