Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Anti-Christmas

That's pronounced "anti-christ" "mass" by the way. Since presumably the Christ and the anti-Christ share the same birthday...? I'm not sure on the details anyway I'll be mostly spending it at home with the cat, the telly guide and a bottle of red wine. Have a good one!


Richard Gibson said...

Enjoy your Christmas, anti or otherwise. If you are missing home check this out, it's a great blog and I'm still reeling from the shock that Bury has a Starbucks:

Cruella said...

Cheers. Actually they showed Jerry Maguire on TV on xmas day. Luckily Santa had just bought me Series 2 of Shameless on DVD so I was able to avoid it. It is the worst film of all time though.

I could have used a George Bush figurine to put on a home production of Tim Robbins' great play Embedded... Sadly the effort would have been lost on the cat.

Hope you had a good one. Cru