Friday, November 04, 2011

New Statesman piece about me and other blogstresses.

I'm featured in a piece in the New Statesman today about internet abuse. You can read it here.


Anonymous said...

What a great piece. It is shocking to me that you have to suffer such abuse. I am a huge fan of your writing and wish you all the best.

samberg said...

Thank you for being the only person I've seen so far to mention the influence of internet pornography on internet communication.

Most people seem to want men to compartmentalize the "acceptable" misogynistic language and filmed sexual abuses done to pornstituted women online from the rest of women on the internet as if that were possible to do.

She said...

Hey Kate - I'm a huge fan and a regular follower of your blog. I used to be part of the LFN before I moved to Australia. I really miss the feminist company here! Anyway jsut wanted to let you know that I have linked to your blog from my own:
Hope you're ok with that.