Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Atheist B*tchslap and the Internet

Most of my regular readers (hello new people and welcome) will know that I've been a fairly frequent guest on BBC One's religious debate show The Big Questions. My most recent appearance culminated in me calling religious people "idiots". At the time unsurprisingly the assembled religious leaders who were on the show reacted as if I'd defecated on the studio floor. But I wasn't really expecting the general public to have that much of a reaction to the clip. I mean "idiots" is hardly the harshest insult. At very least it's the sort of insult that goes out on BBC One on a Sunday morning.

However recently when looking for the clip to show to a friend I noticed something: it's gone a bit viral. Well actually a lot viral. It's on YouTube several times and now it's on ebaumsworld which is a very high traffic site. There are various versions of the clip - this is a fairly extended version, showing the debate before and after my "idiots" comment:

This clip also has a fairly generic title. Most places have titled it "Atheist B*tchslap". I generally think the term "b*tch" is an unpleasant one, but in this case it seems to be being used positively so I don't mind.

Anyway here's the thing. Between all the various places it's been put up, it's had over 250,000 views. Yes - quarter of a million views and counting. I rather wish whoever has been posting it up would put my name, twitter tag and blog site in the title so people can find me and follow me and come to my comedy shows. But hey, I guess I'll just get a T-Shirt printed up with "Atheist B*tchslap" on it and that should jog people's memories!

And here's the other thing. As you may know I moderate comment on here and on my YouTube channel. I didn't for a long time but there were some particularly nasty internet trolls who would repeatedly post up the most horrible things and I just wanted my readers to feel they could read my site safely. I still approve comments from those who disagree with me, just not those who are creepy and threatening and all that sort of thing.

Of course on the wider Internet I don't get to moderate these things. In particular ebaumsworld clearly has no policy for moderation and doesn't even have a "report this comment" or a function that allows a comment to be hidden if a large number of people have "dislike"-d it. And it's getting pretty ugly. Trigger warning - I'm going to quote some of the comments (asterisks are mine, mostly to stop my page being blocked for anyone with a half decent Internet firewall).


Mmm, that was from the reassuringly-named ebaumsworld commenter "pygmiesrfun". And here's "southernguy3030" to remind us how kind and compassionate religious people are:

"She will remember those words when she faced
God. Have fun burning in Hell."

And this one:

"she looks like a lesbian b*tch anyways"

Ah yes that age-old insult "looking like a lesbian". I'm hoping that user "Montreal" means like a cross between Amber Heard and Tegen and Sara. That would be AWESOME! And someone else who spent a long time choosing a username: "sh*tpuppet" wants to be clear it's not just lesbians he has the problem with:

"No you're a woman right? Therefore by
induction, you're an idiot."

The fact that his sentence doesn't even make sense (induction?) really backs up his point too... But just cos you're educated enough to be pedantic about language doesn't make you a very nice person either. Look here's "jteague" with his/her insightful spelling advice:

"atheist not athiest. tard"

I think "tard" is actually short for "retard"!!? Seriously - that'a apparently a hip insult now and not in the least bit insulting to people with learning difficulties. Someone call Ricky Gervais... On the subject of spelling mistakes lets get back to the threats of violence. This one is from "canadianbeer":

"She needs to be gang reaped."

And atheists can be horrifically sexist too remember, thanks "mrcronic":

"so from now on when a make a chick have an
abortion ill just tell her the babys going to

And guess what peacemakers like "Skab" want to do to end fighting between atheists and religious people:

"Here's a solution that can unite all the
religious f*cks. Gang-b*ng her in a rainbow
unity and problem solved."

I'm only about a third of the way through the comments, and even then there's loads more I could post up, but I think that's enough to show I'm presenting a general trend, not just a couple of isolated idiots.

I guess three points:

(1) The anonymity and freedom of speech afforded by the Internet certainly have their benefits, as we've seen with the Arab Spring and reaction to suppression of news about human rights abuses in China, etc. But in general, my advice is, if you've got a site - moderate it... You can just glance at stuff and approve everything that isn't overtly horrid (note: there is also some nasty racism on the comments, aimed at the black people shown and at the Muslim guy). With a smart phone you can do it on-the-go so as not to stifle debate too much. Or failing that leave up a way for people to highlight comments they think should be removed and have a check through. I'm sure these guys didn't mean for their site to become a haven for hate speech.

(2) Interesting to see how a lot of people actually feel. I know almost no-one would say these horrid things to my face. So in a sense it's good that the Internet lets women and other groups see how much some people really hate us.

(3) Interesting and horrifying how quickly it all comes back to rape time after time. There are also a fair few people complaining that the clip doesn't show the "b*tch" actually getting slapped and posted by people who were clearly looking for pornography. If anyone ever tells you we don't live in a "rape culture" world - show them this. It's frightening but it does highlight the need for action to bring about dramatic change.

And let me add one very important thing about the clip. The show has tagged me as "National Secular Society" IN ERROR. I am a member, which clearly they have in their notes somewhere, but I'm not in any way a spokesperson for them... I'm just a spokesperson for me in the clip.


Philip G said...

It's "Faith in the World Week" this week and some interesting apologist content has appeared on the BBC. There was a programme called "What has faith done for women?" on Radio 2 last night. I didn't know that hindi women weren't allowed to cut or shave any hair on their body.

I picked up part of a programme on Radio 4 today about women muslim basketball players.

Anyway, I wonder when there will be an "Atheism in the World" week. Is this BBC programming something to do with the religious covenant where so many programme hours per week have to include "faith"? It feels that the BBC really has an agenda to attempt to make different religions 'acceptable' to the masses rather than challenging the absurdity of it all.

Perhaps "Deluded" would have been a better choice of word than "An Idiot" but either way, well done.

Boss said...

I agree with everything you said in the video, and I am horrified at the responses to it.

And for what it's worth, I thought you looked beautiful and poised in the video. :) If that's what it's like to look like a lesbian, hey, sign up all the ladies!

NeoDoug1 said...

I am one of the new people to have found you thanks to that clip, after it was posted in the Facebook group Religious "Intolerance". I'm sorry to say that I had never heard of you until today, but this clip has made me a fan!

My 6 year old son goes to a church-based school, because the only non-religious school in our area is not good... Every Thursday they have what was originally called "Family assembly", but has recently been renamed "Family worship." Unfortunately for me, my son likes me to be there, so I go. I have lost count of the number of times that I wished I could have called the speakers there idiots! There have been two highlights though...

The first was when a lady speaker told ALL of the children that they had to put their hands together for a prayer... The problem (aside from the obvious)? There are several Muslim children in the school, and they pray with their hands apart... A few of their parents were there, and not happy about it!

The second was when a gentleman informed all of the kids that it was "TRUE that the world is 6,000 years old, and it was created in just 6 days! And we KNOW this is true because we have PROOF of it in the bible!" I honestly don't know how I stopped myself shouting "You bloody stupid idiot! This is a SCHOOL where kids are supposed to learn FACTS! Not bullsh*t!"

Unfortunately, I am too shy to do things like that, plus I did not want to embarrass my son...

Unknown said...

Don't think we've ever appeared on the same comedy bill, but maybe one day. Until then, I just wanted to say that your 'idiot' comment on the Nicky Campbell thingy was music to my ears. The unctuous piety and blind assertions of the faith brigade need to be properly punctured and you did a smashing job. I have no issue with people who choose to believe as long as they allow me not to without wanting to kill me or impose their beliefs on me. Live and let live. When they have a bit more evidence than 'it is written' or 'God's word' I might start listening. If He's really got something to say, perhaps He should have a chat with some of his priests about cutting out the kiddie-fiddling. Indeed, maybe He could sit down and explain to some of his more ardent followers that stuff like killing is wrong, especially if it's in His name. I could go on. Keep up the good work.

PaulB said...

The comforting thing about discussing religion with a group of people all of different faiths is that either they're all wrong, or all but one of them are.

I don't think religious people are any more likely to be idiots than are irreligious people. Posters of abusive comments, they're idiots.

helensotiriadis said...

i'm glad to have found you, thanks to hemant mehta. yay!

Ajurna said...

nice job, you kept your cool on the spot. if they were 100% confident in their faith they wouldn't be trying so hard to justify it.

pity about all the a-holes on the internet. best of luck with that.

Garreth Schittchell said...

What's does a lesbian look like? I've always assumed that they look like (and are) normal women.

I think people who make comments like "rape her as punishment", etc. Are morally repugnant.

That said, I agreed with your comments on the vid and will keep my eyes peeled for any stand up you may do in the north east

C. J. Smith said...

Sadly, I can't say that I'm surprised by the reaction. As you mentioned, the anonymity of the internet seems to allow people to say things they never would in person.

One good thing about this is that some of us who have never heard of you before are now aware of you! :)

RAZimmermann said...


garicgymro said...

I find your statement appalling and offensive: Amber Heard is more of a bisexual than a lesbian!

We bi people always get forgotten...:(

Entertaining post though.

Cruella said...

Really? I stand corrected. I was taking my info from those two faultlessly reliable sources Perez Hilton ( and the Daily Mail ( Although I will concede that in both cases she just said she was coming out of the closet and the media have probably assumed that means she's lesbian. At some point I might write a longer piece about sexuality and these issues some time. But not now - I have a gig in Wimbledon to get to...

Julie Lada said...

Oh, I like you. I'd say let's be besties, but I have a pretty foul mouth and would probably offend you quite a bit. So I'll just follow your blog instead.

garicgymro said...

@cruella: apparently she actually prefers to avoid labels, which presumably includes "bisexual". Although she says that in an interview with Metro, which labels her bisexual. As I realise I did. #sigh#

Cruella said...

Yes, I don't really understand why people are expected to "declare" their sexuality for life. Decide now what sort of people you'll fancy forever more. When I look back at what I fancied when I was a teenager it's got very little in common with what I fancy now. I don't think I can predict with certainty what I'll fancy when I'm older. So I prefer the term "fluid", despite being married (to a man).

Reginald Selkirk said...

The gentleman who asked whether you believe in money seemed quite pleased with himself, as though he had said something quite intellectual and profound. This is presumably because no one has bothered to take two minutes to explain to him that this is not the case. a brief description of "brute facts" vs. "institutional facts" should do the trick, perhaps with a reference to the "Tinkerbell effect" thrown in as a pop cultural reference. His argument would only make sense if he were claiming that God and Heaven exist because people believe in them. This is not the position taken by most proponents of religion, including Christianity and Islam.

Jezzi James said...

Came for a visit (from the Friendly Atheist website) and you now have a new fan.


Avicenna said...

Very nicely done! I completely understand why you called him and idiot but it's amusing what hoops people can jump through to make a delusion a reality.

Religion is basically a culturally acceptable delusion. If you went around saying "God is real" it's fine. If you said "Santa is real" you are either under the age of 12 or are crazy.

In any case! If I am around a gig I shall make sure to attend.


Acleron said...

Saw your clip on a biochemistry site???

Excellent sentiments and I look forward to following your blog.

Billy said...

Found this on Sandwalk. It's amazing the religious always think being offended is an argument against a differing opinion.
Anyway, I thought I'd point out their hypocrisy, as the Jeezoids believe this: The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; There is no one who does good. (Psalm 14:1). Pretty insulting eh? Personally I’d rather rip their philosophy a new sphincter controlled aperture that resort to the fallacy of argument by outrage. Still I I suppose outrage is all the have – idiots :-)

Human Ape said...

Kate Smurthwaite, many thanks for calling those theist idiots "idiots". If more people would do their bit to ridicule religious insanity then maybe religions could some day be eradicated.

Donna said...

I remember watching this live - I do watch the shouty religious discussions programmes a lot, they're mind-blowing!
When you said "idiot" I did a sharp intake of breath, and a bit of a nervous giggle. I'm atheist, but have loads of friends who are religious and not idiots... they are lovely people, Jesus-was-a-hippy types. They read books - lots of them, which I think helps.

When you are friends with people who have come to a different conclusion about the certainties of life than yourself, you sort of have to shrug your shoulders. It's not normally a problem... not like having a racist friend, for example: "Sorry, yes he did say God. He's a bit... religious. Yes, I'll have a word..."

Besides, they come in useful for helping with crossword clues.

But the idiots of internet bile... I have a theory, which I espouse in my own blog here:
It specifically mentions X-Factor, but it could be about anything where people end up in the limelight and other people feel inclined to comment.

The spelling is usually a good clue as to their level of achievement in life.

Nick said...

I also found your site via 'The Friendly Atheist' and just wanted to take a moment to say I'm sorry for the vitriole your comment has provoked, and you're my new hero for letting those god-botherers have it right between the eyes. If more people were willing to point out that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes, we'd be better off for it as a society.

Eric said...

I saw the video originally on a blog-post somewhere, and am now following the follow-up link from Pharyngula- I just wanted to show support for your position, and to apologize (as much as may be possible) for those who happen to share a Y-chromosome with me, but somehow cannot also share any sense of civilized behavior.

I would also like to thank you for your observation that we do, in fact, live in a rape culture - something that (in my male privilege) can be difficult to see.


Lee Picton said...

Approving atheist here. Found you through Pharyngula. I laughed when the one guy said you were rude. When mocking ridiculous beliefs, the ruder, the better. People may be worthy of respect, but if they have silly beliefs, those beliefs deserve no respect whatever. Nice to have found you, Cruella.

bullet said...

Cant't believe no one has submitted this yet. John Gabriel's Greater Internet F**kwad Theory. (Penny Arcade and definitely NSFW)

Doctor Zorro said...

Well said. In the words of the Garfunkel song you "shone like a gem in a five & dime store"
The world is full of idiots and religious bigots and you have attracted their ire for confronting them with the obvious. The reaction was inevitable and to be expected but the originators of these posts are part of an inexorably diminishing minority. Don't let it get to you

Greg Peterson said...

I cannot say it better than previous posters already have. "Brava." And "I like you." And you have a new fan. THANKS!

skpoly said...

Add me to your list of new blog followers.

Brilliant stuff.

iceclimbR said...

Kudos! I think your nomenclature is apropos for the majority of the audience and "guests"...

KG said...

Another new fan, following a link from Pharyngula (where there's been alot of recent discussion of rape culture, and sexism within atheist communities). I thought the best bit was your quickfire response to the idiot who said all aborted fetuses go to heaven.

Cluisanna said...

I am sure everything a religious person says to justify their belief can be refuted, and I guess if they had let you you would have; the sad thing is that since religion is so against logical thinking these people fail to do exactly that, meaning that even if you prove them wrong, they will only believe stronger - after all, religion in itself is idiotic. If you don't notice that on your own, it's hard to make you notice it.

motobass4321 said...

Also directed here by a link from Pharyngula. You have many supporters.

GuyM said...

New to your blog, but I've bookmarked it.
Just so that you know, Induction is a mathematical proof. It can prove that a formula is true for all values. It works by showing that the formula is true for n = 1, then you assume that it is true for n = k and using that assumption show that the case n = k + 1 is true. It is a very commonly used method of proof within mathematics.
Your poster is short a couple of steps. I suspect he thinks he has shown the n = 1 case but he needs the rest to hold for it to be a proper proof, maybe you should email him to see the rest of his proof.

Cruella said...

Ha ha ha. Yes thanks Guy - I have a maths degree, I'm pretty familiar with inductive proofs. But he hasn't made one. I suspect that's not what he means...

Brownian said...

Another new fan who found you from Pharyngula.

I'm honestly curious as to where the RIP-THE-TONGUE-OUT-OF-HER-SUCK-HOLE-TO-HEAR-HER-SAY-OH-MY-GOD guy expects he's going to end up after he dies, but wherever it is (and if it exists), I hope they offer him a a refresher course on physiology and speech.

Rebecca said...

I found the clip through Pharyngula as well. Just wanted to say thanks for standing up for us.

Flip said...

Thank god for outspoken atheists!

joe p said...

saw the clip on pharyngula; good for you.

Se Habla Espol said...

Gee, how can you possibly resist all those offers of major Christian Love? After all, beatings and mutilation are everyday Christian Love; rape is also everyday Christian Love; but gang reaping ... wow, that's got to be close to the epitome of Christian Love.


Dave Gilbert said...

Accepting stuff without evidence = idiocy,
Being a Bigot = idiocy,
Speaking out against idiocy = priceless.

Way to go Lass x

odtaa said...

Informed Christianity - many years ago a friend of mine got beaten up in the Bible belt for suggesting that Jesus didn't speak English - your commentators are likely to be the sons of these enlightened church goers.

Afriblogger said...

Saw the clip somewhere on the net and now on Pharyngula. Keep up the good work! Thanks for speaking truth to the faith heads. The comments on ebaumsworld are generally inane, sexist and homophobic and I don't mean just on your video, take no notice...

Unknown said...

I am an atheist and what you and the people who follow you portray is a severe lack of intelligence. I do not believe in heaven or God but I have a deep respect for religions and their adherents. What religion provides for the individual varies but you have no more right than I to try and take that away from them and insult people simply because they have different views.

madfish said...

Yet another pharyngula follow through... great clip and pleased I've found yet another great blog to read when I should be working.

Peter Clemerson said...

Lovely clip.

I see this assertion that "atheists have faith, they have faith in money, logic, etc., etc." more and more frequently. People using this argument have got mixed up between faith and trust. Faith is, as everyone knows, a belief unsupported by evidence while trust is based upon past experience. I have trust in our money because people give me things in return for it, I have trust in logic because it has enabled all the scientific and technological wonders of our world.

If people say we have faith in money, etc.,I suggest we correct them and say we have trust in them because of the evidence of our own experiences. Tell them to distinguish between two similar but different concepts. It should silence them.

For what it's worth, I think religious people are "deeply mistaken" rather that "idiots".

Nevertheless, as I said, a lovely clip.

Peter Clemerson

Unknown said...

Slipping on over here from Butterflies and Wheels. I watched the clip, and must say "beautiful." That was beautiful.

That money thing was just silly. It's a societal construct, while they are arguing for something that -if it existed- is not. There's simply no comparison.

And to "Unknown" at 9:37pm who said this

"I am an atheist and what you and the people who follow you portray is a severe lack of intelligence. I do not believe in heaven or God but I have a deep respect for religions and their adherents. What religion provides for the individual varies but you have no more right than I to try and take that away from them and insult people simply because they have different views."

First, you don't seem to be accusing Cruella and others of a lack of intelligence, but rather a lack of nice-ness, or respect perhaps. Regardless, it has nothing to do with intellect. Please, choose appropriate words if you're going to insult us.

Second, if I believe in little fairies in the backyard, and it makes me happy to put out a saucer of milk for them, and harms no one, you nonetheless have the right to try and take that belief away from me. If that belief actually was causing me to behave in ways that brought harm to others -as religion far too often does- you have a moral *duty* to try and take that belief away from me.

Third, ... no, I think that says it. Have a good one.

WritWondrous said...

You've got another new follower here in California. I've seen your video several times recently on different sites and shared it myself on Facebook. Very well spoken, and hugs to you.

Andrew Miles said...

You are fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed watching that video, and I am thoroughly pleased with how well you seem to have taken all the abhorrent vitriol and spleen. Keep fighting the good fight!

Dave Gilbert said...

@ Unknown,

No one is taking anything away from anyone. If folk want to believe weird things that's up to them but it's about time we stopped given respect just because it's in the name of religion. By all means respect the person but you don't have to respect their silly beliefs and wishful thinking.

Hmmm said...

Oh beautiful, loved that clip.
Takes some balls to call people idiot on (inter)national tv.

"At the time unsurprisingly the assembled religious leaders who were on the show reacted as if I'd defecated on the studio floor."


The gentleman who asked whether you believe in money, compares belief in heaven to belief in money?
It's idiotic to make such a comparison.
He has probably has never read "The Ethics of Belief (1877)" by William K. Clifford either. (

Unknown said...

Well said, well said, shame about the comments, idiotic scumbags is all.
I moved to New Zealand from the UK 15 years ago, no regrets, just seeing your video reminds me of some stuff I'm glad I left behind, patronising gits!
If you ever come down for the comedy festival in Auckland I'll definitely be along to check your show, somehow I think I'll enjoy it.

Jure Gornik said...

Great logical thinking.
Logic > god

Peter Harrison said...

Religious people are having discussions about tolerance because they are all at base intolerant. They all claim to be right; so how can they peacefully co-exist.

Here is a tip for all the religious people who want peace. STOP KILLING PEOPLE.

The point is you don't need a dialog to foster understanding with atheists in order to promote peace and tolerance because we already tolerate religion.

We don't like religion, but we don't go flying planes into buildings, shooting pastors or priests; even the ones that have raped children, or beat up the religious just because they are identified as religious. We don't as a rule have a inflated sense of our own moral authority to the extent we feel we can bully, intimidate and force others to comply with our moral ideas.

Rob said...

Long time lurker first time commenter. You might remember me from hash-cafe (parser doesn't like the actual character for some reason). That was a great performance. Well said. That bloke who made the comment about believing in money is clearly a double idiot.

Martin UK said...

I notice the connection between the Hitchslap, which is very poplar these days and the label you have been given Kate, if the connection is meant, then you are in good company, Mr Hitchens has identified many an idiot from a packed TV studio or theatre. So you can see it as a compliment.

Cruella said...

True (and flattering) but Hitchens also wrote an article for Vanity Fair about how women aren't funny and as a comedienne I take pretty major exception to that. Labelling a section (51% of the population) as less capable of certain jobs because of their gender. If he'd written a piece about how black people made bad dentists I doubt he would have gotten away with it so lightly. He even says those women who are funny are usually "bull dykes", which seems to blend sexism with a smattering of homophobia. He's very articulate on religion though, I concede.

ADHDCanuck said...

I'm glad your twitter made it into some of the youtube videos! Comedians are the last real defensive line for free thought and speech that we have in the western world. I often wonder how much better off we'd be in George Carlin had real direct input on government policy creation :)

It is our bred-in programmed need for "tolerance at all costs" that is killing us. We need to be able to force all ideas to stand before the light of reason and critique the moment they leave the safety of a persons mind.

Religion proposes to be an individual choice, which is a laughable concept.

Keep up the appearances on such shows. Atheists have been oppressed too long, far more than any religious group.

PS... If you need help arranging a show in Edmonton, Alberta let me know, we have a couple great comedy venues. And I owe you that cup of whatever you'd like :)

Kick ass and take names Kate!

Mike (

jjj said...

Are you a lesbian? If so..I'm pissed!! You are possibly the only woman I'd want to marry!

Martin UK said...

Yes I'm afraid you are probably right Kate, Mr Hitchens as witty and articulate as he is, does come out with a few dodgy comments as far as women are concerned, not sure if it's tongue in cheek for some part or if he really is that sexist. I did see him interviewed once where he said Mrs Hitchens shouldn't have to work,because that was his job, the interviewer was quite astounded as she tried to expand on his comment, I still wasn't sure if he was just trying to get a rise from the comment.
I was wondering Kate, have you got a view on Frank Skinners comments about atheism, do you think it does any good or bad for people in the profession to make a stand either way on their belief or lack of. Do you think it could cause detriment to a persons career. I think during your act it's fair game and most people can laugh at their self if it's funny, I'm not sure if people would more readily pay their quid if they new for sure the artiste thought they were a dimwit for real.

Jack Davolio said...

Hi Kate,
I found your blog through one of the viral videos, I laughed at how bluntly you have stated your opinion - I am glad to read about your positive reaction to what others might have found offensive. Also glad you posted these comments as it is a great awareness raiser of how some people think and what the Internet anonymous commenting system implicates.
I will follow your blog and I hope you keep up being such an awesome person. Never mind the trolls, I am sure that whoever has a minimum of intelligence, knowledge or sense of humour will always appreciate your opinions. Love, Jack

richinud said...

What a great opportunity, going on national TV, and having the courage to call religious people idiots. After all, the point about religion is that it's not to do with thinking, so smart people need not apply, it's a matter of "faith", so idiots are welcome.

Furthermore, you know when you're getting your message across, because they post abusive comments on your blog and in your mailbox. Richard Dawkins has the same effect - prestigious company indeed!

Go Cruella!


- said...

Thank you Kate for you honesty.
If the emperor has no clothes, then the emperor has no clothes: Religion and faith are silly by definition!
When was the last time that any fundy tried to fly by walking out of the third floor window? Of course they don't, because they know from the evidence that they will fall to the ground. They know that no matter they might wishfully believe they can fly, they cannot.
Why, then, believe in other silly ideas *just because* they have *faith* that it is so.

Keep it up Kate. I like you.


Richard Foley said...

While so many (religious) people appear to be offended by being called an idiot, and so many others consider it non-PC to have called a religious person an idiot, however, I think what Cruella actually said was: "...because I'm not an idiot!", speaking of herself. The implication is perhaps clear, but she was speaking of herself, not the crowd of sheep surrounding her. So while all the idiots are jumping up and down saying "ouch!" at the merest hint of accurate comment, let me add that religious people should be glad atheists are not sufficiently pious to take them to be burned at the stake for dissent, as was their example to the rest of us in times thankfully past. I'll say it, for Cruella: idiots!

mani said...

I support you. I am with you. Go ahead.

Martin UK said...

Hey Kate, I haven't checked in with you for a while, hope it's still all going well and your as busy as ever...keep up the good work, you are still hitting the nerves of those deluded bigots, who can only respond ab hominem. They do make me laugh...;)

drfwerner said...


I'm for sure not the first to say this, but it needs to be said again and again.
Your timing was perfect. The short stop between "...because" and "I'm not an idiot".
That's whay it made such an impression on the audience. I'd like to see you on stage....


P.S.: The thing about "Believing in Money", I didn't get it. What's the point about it?
You are most likely no kind of Dagobertine Duck....

Carrstone said...

On that day, in that place, you were THE MAN, you woman you.

Unknown said...

Kate, you fucking rule my heart today. Thanks for being superb.