Thursday, June 16, 2011

Woman of the Week

I only just found out I won something! Apparently back in April I was Platform 51's Woman of the Week. They also describe me as "absolutely hilarious" and an "amazing supporter" of their work! The week before they gave it to Susan B Anthony so I'm in pretty good company! Thanks.

I'm in the Daily Fail today quoted on rape and whether we are all asking for it by not covering our ankles. If that's to uncomfortable to click on there is a similar set of quotes from me in a similar piece in the Daily India.

And I was on BBC Ulster, TalkSport and BBC Five Live today talking about whether chivalry can be sexist. You can listen again I expect to the Five Live version, its at 11.20pm on the Tony Livesey show - they usually leave them up for a week.


Louisa Parry said...

In case you've not seen it, there is a (completely legal) proxy service for the Daily Mail - to let people link to story for research/frustrated outrage purposes, without adding to the Mail's visitor count/advertising figures (ie, without generating money for the Fail).

Set up links @

(I'm nothing to do with the site, just seen it used on various tabloid watch blogs and thought it was a good idea.)


Male who made that common rape myth claim women are to blame for causing 'innocent men to rape them' is a barrister who specialises in defending men charged with crimes. So naturally this male would make such a claim. So if that is true why oh why are so many men purchasing viagra when apparently men's sex drives are biologically uncontrollable once aroused by the sight of a female?

Could it be that those men who rape women/girls make an informed decision to commit rape but deny to themselves they have committed said rape. Their justifications are commonly 'I am entitled to have sexual access to any woman/girl because I am male and I will use the proven excuse that 'she provoked me!'

Can't have it both ways men - either you take responsibility for your sexual behaviour or else you will have to be locked up because we can't have all these sexually voracious men attacking women can we? Oh but I forget - men have for centuries believed they are entitled to have sexual access to any woman/girl they wish because it is never rape is it? It is always the woman's/girl's fault for not preventing the male from raping her.

Irrational male-centric logic? Definitely but sadly too many believe such irrational claims.