Sunday, May 29, 2011

Smurthwaite vs The World

...which frankly I think is what The Big Questions should be renamed when I'm on it! Anyway I was on it this morning and you can watch it for the next week on iPlayer here.


Clement Okusi said...


Cruella said...

Hello Clement, thanks for getting in touch. For regular readers - Clement is the Christian minister sat more or less opposite me on the show.

Craig said...

You did amazingly well. The anti-abortionists had no interest in debating the actual words you were saying, which must have been infuriating. The basic argument of "here's a personal example of not getting an abortion leading to a happy outcome = NO-ONE SHOULD GET ABORTIONS" is so tiresome.

Plus, calling the assembled believers idiots is proving to be my guilty pleasure moment of 2011 so far.

Therapy Expert said...

Hi Kate;

I concur with Craig; It did seem as if it was Kate Vs The world...very well done you held your own in such a sensitive arena.
Take care