Thursday, September 16, 2010


So the BBC today has 99.9% of it's coverage focussed on the Papal Visit - what did his Holiness wear? What is the significant of St Ninian's feast?

I wonder what the SECOND most important story on the BBC website today might be.

"Trident cash timetable could change - minister". Oh ok, so it's just about a rescheduling of defence budget spending... Lets just double-check and read the first line:

"Britain remains committed to replacing its nuclear weapons but the timetable for financing the scheme could change as a result of a value for money review, Armed Forces Minister Nick Harvey has admitted."

But of course that's only the Armed Forces Minister. It's not as if David Cameron has made a big statement in support of Trident. Oh hang on - lets check paragraph 13. Really.

Am I the only one who thinks the bit about the Armed Forces Minister and payment schedules changing is not the key message here? The Prime Minister has announced we are going to spend billions of pounds on a totally unnecessary nuclear weapons system that will reduce global security and that very few people in the UK want.

Talk about hiding the real news.



Is the BBC going to cover discussions concerning catholic male priests (because we need to emphasise they are male) who not only perform religious duties but also engage in committing sexual violence against girls, boys and women. Is the pope a man or is he a visitor from outer space? BBC obviously believes he is a visitor from outer space given they are wasting 99.9% time covering his visit.

sianandcrookedrib said...

i feel like i am still waiting for real, in depth and condemnatory reporting of the rapes in the congo.

but celebrating a man who covered up rape. now, that's news!