Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mystery of the Day

Remember recently when Chris Knight from the Lap Dancing Association angrily told me that the existing law on lap-dancing "works perfectly"? How then can it be that a lap-dancing club in London has been closed down and eight others raided after the police found out that sex was for sale on the premises as well as drugs. Could it be that Chris Knight is a lying asshole? You decide.

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Already I can hear the excuses/justifications for these lap dancing clubs/brothels, because guess what? They are all isolated cases and it is purely a coincidence that eight yes eight lap dancing/brothels have been closed down.

99.99% of lap dancing clubs - ergo brothels are not 'brothels' just adult entertainment places or gentlemen's entertainment places.

Lap dancing club owners do not employ female lap dancers so obviously the fact prostitution occurred at some of these establishments happened without the knowledge and consent of the male owners. (Oh yes???) And another thing - the moon really is made of green cheese but because we fail to interpret the evidence correctly we still think the moon is not made of green cheese.