Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wrong Wrong Wrong

Today's horrifying must-read link is over at Feministe.

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Whilst not wanting to detract from the terrible position this young woman has been placed in, do not forget here in the UK women who have the 'audacity' to report a man/men has raped them are subjected to intense pressure to recant their complaint. Reason? Because rape does not happen here in the UK unless and of course it is a deranged male monster with two horns who violates - yes violates not rapes, a virginal little 2 year old girl. Any female over the age of 2 is deemed to either have seduced the rapist(sic) with her sexual wiles or else is an innate liar.

Yes this young woman's case is appalling but we need to see it on a continuum and that is how male power constantly asserts men cannot rape women.

Not forgetting this woman was exploited by more powerful individuals who deliberately exploited her. She not the real criminals is the one being incarcerated in an appalling prison and it is she not the real criminals who was raped and subsequently became pregnant. Although Laos authorities claim the conception was a 'virginal one!'

But already concern has switched from this young woman to the foetus. So, once again women are just incubators and foetuses have more rights. But of course once a child is born then all the claims about foetus rights disappear and the child just becomes another statistic!

But then patriarchy is never, ever logical since its only concern is with maintaining domination over women.