Monday, October 27, 2008

Wrong Brand of Humour

I don't much care if Russell Brand uses bad language and upsets an actor - we all know it's a publicity stunt to get himself into the papers. What bothers me about this story is that he considered it an insult to ring a guy up and tell him he'd had sex with his granddaughter. The implication that he's "damaged" Andrew Sach's personal property is centuries out of date and repugnant. If I was the woman in question I would issue a press release saying "Yes I did, he has a one inch dick and no idea what to do with it. What a waste of 3 and a half minutes of my life!!"


butterflywings said...

LOL at the last bit!

Yeah, the 'property' aspect of this is bugging me. I'm glad you think the same way.

Anonymous said...

yeah, and don't mess with grandfathers either!