Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If You Haven't Done So Already...

...then please read this report about the UK sex industry by Julie Bindel. Disturbing but important stuff.


Falco said...

I know you didn't write the article but I would draw your attention to this:

"The pro-legalisation lobby do not seem to want the horrors of what goes on in brothels exposed"

Not so. Most of those I know who would like to see prostitution legalised hold this opinion because it would reduce some, (though by no means all), of the harm and stigma for prostitutes.

The tighter the laws are in attempting to crack down on prostitution, the more prostitutes fall under the ageis of the pimps.
Banning the trade does not work, that message should be heard loud and clear.

Cruella said...

Interesting. I agree that banning women from working as prostitutes doesn't work. Of course not, most are working under duress. What works is making it illegal to visit a prostitute. That actually reduces the scale of the industry and that is what really takes power away from the pimps.