Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hobbies Include Swimming, Reading and Wife Beating

It's late and I should be working but I'm procrastinating, ambling around the Guardian website and there's a pop-up for the Guardian's "Soulmates" dating site, and I'm wondering what sort of stuff people put on there so I click it. Guess what comes up? This guy. I don't know how long before the Guardian take his profile down (I did write to them immediately) but here's the bit I'm a little unsure of: "If you gonna tell me your deepest darkest secret.. and look for a shoulder to cry on, you'll get a smack." Is that how ingrained into our culture domestic violence is? Puke! And apparently he's the third most popular guy on the site. Mmm, hate to meet the rest.


butterflywings said...

What a, well, he describes himself as an "irritating little wanker" and I am not arguing.
Celibate...yeah wonder why?!

JM said...

The offending line seems to have disappeared - however, his profile is still there, and I wonder if that's the best outcome... after all, wasn't that an excellent deterrant for anyone thinking of hooking up with him?!

Cruella said...

he's actually changed his "name" twice since i posted this. from "celibate" to "pussypuller" to "bigbellybandit". he's also now changed his profile info quite dramatically. i did however take a screenshot of his profile before he removed the offending stuff. i am wondering what best to do with it? send to the police? and/or is there a website for dodgy guys on the internet to warn women off?

UneFemmePlusCourageuse said...

I know there's something called, but I think that's only for people you've actually dated, to warn other people against dating jerks.