Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Last night a number of F-Word writers and readers were in attendance to see Hackney Council refuse to give Satchmo’s a license to become a Sex Encounters Establishment (strip club).

Thank you and well done to everyone who wrote letters of objection and showed up for the hearing - it worked! More info on the website.

Photo by adman_as, reposted from the F-Word.


butterflywings said...

Whooo! Yay!

Well done everyone!

VW said...

Forgive me for being an amused American for a moment - but - "sex encounters establishment?" Quite the "euphemism." Does that included "brothels" as well? Porn shops?

Makes me wonder what "euphemisms" are on the law books in my country. Seriously.

Well done, btw.

Cruella said...

Yes I must admit I was confuse - if you need a license to have a "sex encounter" in a pub, I have been flirting without a license for years now.

In fact it covers pole and table dancing, sex cinemas, peep shows and porn book and video shops.

Brothels are basically not legal although the law is not all that watertight and not really enforced much either.

And in some places (fortunately not where I live) a dancing entertainment license (such as you might need to do a musical show or a karaoke night) is enough to allow lap-dancing and burlesque.

**Well that's as good as I understand it, I am not a lawyer though**

Fortunately we had lawyers on the team so they knew what they were doing.