Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Money-making Scheme

Saw this one via Sparklematrix and Feministing - so a woman's in bed and her boyfriend comes in and they have sex and then it turns out that that wasn't the boyfriend - that was his brother, impersonating him. Is it rape? According to the Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court - no. apparently if you don't physically struggle, it ain't rape, even though it's done by deception.

So by this arguement... if a few of us dress up as Securicor/Securitas van drivers and walk into a bunch of local shops and banks, pick up the money from the till and drive off with it - is that theft? The shop-keepers didn't put up a fight? To be on the safe side - lets only rob shops in Massachusetts!

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Tony Lawless said...

In Korea, there is a scam about at the moment. People telephone you and tell you to go to the instant teller machine because they need to verify that everything is okay with the account. People press their secret number, and the criminals withdraw money from your account. Banks are saying there is nothing they can do since you were the one who typed in your password. I'm not kidding. One woman lost 2 thousand dollars; a guy lost 10 thousand.