Saturday, January 13, 2007


A Muslim professor has said that the NHS should start offering faith-based medical services! He's suggesting that the NHS should record your religion when you register with a doctor and then refer to Muslim leaders to decide what drugs can and can't be administered to people. Of course as a patient on the NHs every individual already has the right to ask about any drugs they are offered and request, for instance, a female doctor. This of course isn't good enough for power-crazed religious leaders. No - they need to have some sort of legal control over individuals.

Now remember these religions teach that man is given free will by God and must then choose his/her own path. So there should be no need to bully people in this way.

Furthermore within these religious groups many people have different ways of practicing their faith. So you would essentially have to register the exact denomination and how seriously they were practicing it - which could vary over time.

But finally I had a thought that perhaps religious people should be registered as such with the NHS. Wouldn't it make sense to prioritise treatment for atheists - who don't believe in life after death?


Dr Purple said...

He`s been reading toom much Monty Python.

Religion should get the F*** out of secular life , ie schools, health, government, law making.

Chrsitianity no longer has any formal influence in the UK.
Why does Islam believe it has a right to dictate terms in a secular state.

This isnt specific to Islam.
Look at bible belt middle America.
We do not want parts of the UK to turn into the islamic equivalent of Texas.

Little Black Sambo said...

Dr Purple: "Religion should get ... out of secular life" begs the question: how secular are the things that you list? Schools 'n' hospitals were founded because of Christian faith; our laws are founded on Christian principles; our Government is explicitly Christian. Now MAY be the time to kick away the ladder by which we have ascended, but that is what you are proposing.

Cruella said...

I'm not sure you can say our government is "explicitly Christian". And our population is two-thirds non-religious (see Keep Christmas Pagan, earlier on Cru-blog).

Law should, to my mind, be there to protect people from harm, i.e being mugged, murdered, raped, stolen from, ripped off and injured. The role of law is certainly not to force anyone to follow any religious precept. People are welcome to choose to follow whatever religious rules they want (so long as I don't get mugged, murdered, etc in the process) but it is not the role of law to enforce that.

K.A. said...

Any benefits which society has through the efforts of Christianity are simply by-products of a repressive and very self-centred regime wishing to extend its own power, influence and, of course, wealth.

Like it or not (and I do) this IS a secular society, and all the better for it. Belief in imaginary cloud beings and supernatural fantasy have no place in our law, education or health systems.