Sunday, November 05, 2006

Readers in the South-West?

Are cordially invited to come and see me tomorrow night (well tonight now since it's gone midnight) Sunday 5th Nov at Mirth Control, Havanas on the Quay in Exeter. Doors 8pm, show starts 9pm. Mr Cru (aka American comic David Mulholland) is also doing a short spot. It's a fiver to get in and please come say hello if you're there, I may even be buying beers!


Cruella said...

Sadly no plans. As you may know I did New York last year in June, would love to come back and do other places too though.

Robert Jackman said...

How about doing an after dinner speech in Norwich?
Oh, and let me know what you think of my most recent post - Cameron commended and criticised, the Stern Report and Enoch Powell.
Read. Comment. Enjoy

Cruella said...

Say what you feel eh?