Sunday, July 02, 2006

Want to help?

I had a brief e-mail conversation this week with Clare Curtis-Thomas (the MP who is pushing the anti-Lad Mags bill in parliament). She's very much in need of support and asks those who support her efforts to have Lad Mags (and the Daily Sport "newspaper") classified as pornography and moved to the top shelf to undertake the following:

If you wish to have this bill supported, please contact your local MP and ask for their help.

It may also be useful if you could write to Robert Walker, the CEO of WHSmith. His address is WH Smith PLC, 180 Wardour Street , London W1F 8FY Alternatively you can also write to Juliet Cavilla who deals with complaints – she is at W H Smith, Greenbridge Rd , Swindon , SN3 3LD

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Crazymare_Geronima said...

Hi, I got the same info from MP Claire C-T yesterday, with at the end of it, perhaps most importantly, a link - where busy people can in just 2 MINUTES sign the ONLINE PETITION petition. Please all who read this sign it! And pass it on . The number of our voices will count. Here it is:

Most of the signers listed are female (! ) - Have your partners, husbands & male friends sign it too!...