Monday, January 09, 2006

Turning veggie

I've turned vegetarian for the month of January. Mostly just to try to get myself to eat more fruit and vegetables, which is working, although I have lost about half a stone which I didn't really want to. Anyway it really amused me to see that there's been a big fuss made about a couple of TV chefs showing animals being killed on their shows. Really strange when you think how many people are shown getting killed on our TV screens every day. Do some people empathise more with turkeys than humans?


Stephen Newton said...

I once worked for a hereditary peer who only ate meat he’d killed himself. I don't think that's a good idea, but it’s no bad thing for people to be aware of how food gets to their dinner table.

That some find slaughter shocking is telling. But if it is a shock and, having reflected, you come to view that lambs needn’t be killed and that the world would be a better place if they didn’t suffer in this way, simply stop eating them.

Those who react to stuff they find horrible by pretending it doesn’t exist, rather than recognising that choices they make contribute to the nastiness and changing their ways appropriately, really are dangerous.

staghounds said...

In 16 years of prosecuting felony crimes, our office has only had three istances of letter and petition campaigns from the public requesting harsh treatment for the criminals in particular cases. Each was an animal cruelty case.

Some people DEFINITELY get more worked up over animals than they do people.

Certain animals, of course.

Andrew said...

Do some people empathise more with turkeys than humans?

Course they do. We live in a country where people give more money to animal charities than to charities that protect children.