Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Anti-Christmas

That's pronounced "anti-christ" "mass" by the way. Since presumably the Christ and the anti-Christ share the same birthday...? I'm not sure on the details anyway I'll be mostly spending it at home with the cat, the telly guide and a bottle of red wine. Have a good one!


Richard Gibson said...

Enjoy your Christmas, anti or otherwise. If you are missing home check this out, it's a great blog and I'm still reeling from the shock that Bury has a Starbucks:

Iceman said...

Hope you had a good holiday, whatever it was. Did you get the Jerry Maguire DVD, Manchester United jersey, and George Bush action figure you asked for?

Cruella said...

Cheers. Actually they showed Jerry Maguire on TV on xmas day. Luckily Santa had just bought me Series 2 of Shameless on DVD so I was able to avoid it. It is the worst film of all time though.

I could have used a George Bush figurine to put on a home production of Tim Robbins' great play Embedded... Sadly the effort would have been lost on the cat.

Hope you had a good one. Cru