Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sorry guys but word verification is now on...

Seems like every time I log on now there are 300 messages saying "interesting blog, why not come and have a look at my blog about penis enlargement drugs". While Cru-blog has the deepest sympathy for those less well endowed in the trouser department, we suspect that there are plenty of internet resourses available to those who wish to buy the new v!agra or to consolidate all their existing loans into one "easy" payment... So if you wouldn't all mind just doing the copy the word into the box thing that would be cool, I love comments whether you agree or disagree with me or want to ask question or have a laugh but I can't be doing with spam spam spam all day. It will make the blog easier to read for you all anyway. Ta.

1 comment:

Gasbill said...

Kate, I'd just love to invite you to my site, but unfortunately it's rubbish.

PS. How come most bloggers find so much to write about??

PPS. When I replied to an posting in another site over the weekend, the word verification letters spelt something really almost started a brawl.