Wednesday, May 11, 2005

No school for the wicked

I was rather horrified to read this article. I think religion should be kept out of schools. I had a similar problem when I was a kid, the best local school was C of E so we asked a local vicar to write a letter saying I was a regular church-goer. He obligingly did so even though my entire family are atheists and never go to church except the occassional carol concert. Why should religious kids get a better education than secular kids? Thats really unfair.

Also I think religion should be taught, if at all, in the home, not forced on kids by the school. Schools should teach science, languages, history, geography and life skills, not superstitious mumbo-jumbo about Jesus walking on water and God appearing in a burning births...people rising from the dead... I don't pay tax dollars so the government can teach children rubbish like this as if it were fact.

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Cruella said...

Why do Q'aranic characters, like B-list celebrities, always choose such funny names?