Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Kofi break

Kofi Annan and I agree on a lot of things. And today I've discovered another one for the list: he thinks the Tory party is irrelevant too! Mr Annan is coming to the UK to meet the Queen, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, a few other dignitaries and Charles Kennedy. Not bothering to see Michael Howard though! The Liberal Democrats are the opposition these days, the Conservative Party is a minority interest group. Hurray, good news for once!


Serf said...

Perhaps its the other way around.

Mr Howard does not want to meet the head of an impotent organisation whose only ability is to snipe from the sidelines.

Besdies the Tories problems stem largely from a party that is more right wing than them, not from the Lib Dems who will most probably disappear at General Election time like they usually do.

Cruella said...

Interesting. Thanks for your comment. Look what happened in Hartlepool though: 40% Labour, 40% Lib Dem, 10% UKIP and 9% Tory.

On the recent issue of sending yet more troops into deepest darkest Iraq, you will have noticed that most Labour MPs disagreed with Mr Blair but most Tory MPs agreed with him. I think maybe Labour should disband and Tony Blair should join the Tories and the best of the rest should defect to the Lib Dems, thus ensuring them victory at the next election.

Cruella said...

Ah, clever plan, lets arm the rebels so they can defend themselves... Of course once they've finished defending themselves we'll be left with no mean of recovering the weapons we've handed out. Then they can be used to terrorise the population, invade other places, etc. Bit like what happened with Osama Bin Laden and the Taleban.

Seems to me that you live in a fantasy world assuming that anyone who doesn't like the bad guys must be the good guys. Life, sadly, ain't like that.