Sunday, July 18, 2010

Express Cru-Blog

I'm quoted (in my role as vice-chair of Abortion Rights) in today's Sunday Express. You can read it here.

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'People are having multiple abortions and even people on IVF are having terminations. It’s the scale of it that is so deeply shocking. It is a tragedy for ­everyone involved and it is time we had a national debate on the issue.'

Really? Are people as Lord Alton claims really having abortions? Does this mean men are having abortions? Well Lord Alton says so because he says 'people' and this always means men does it not?

No it is females Lord Alton who are having abortions for many reasons and contrary to your false claims the numbers of women - yes women not men - having abortions has decreased. But Lord Alton you are not concerned with women owning their bodies are you? You're primary purpose is to maintain male control over all women's bodies and their rights.

That is the real issue and another thing Lord Alton refrain from referring to women as 'people' particularly given men could not become pregnant neither can males have an abortion.