Monday, November 28, 2005

Outing God-botherers!

They're everywhere you know! Sneaking into public life, taking over our government with their "faith-based" policies... Spotted this one on the BBC: Nadine Dorries. Who is your hero? Jesus. Mmm. Interesting. And how do you feel Jesus' teachings on the importance of giving all your money to the poor would reconcile with Tory policy of reducing overseas aid? And how does it reconcile with the amount you've spent personally on fake tan? Could have saved a couple of lives with that money... And "thou shalt not kill", this was a bible "biggie". Stone tablets, burning bushes, God was pretty sure about this one, wanted to make it pretty clear. How would that fit in with your party line on bringing back the death penalty for certain offences? Or does your version of the Word of God feature a sub-clause 47 "* unless they've been really naughty". She even spells faith with a capital "F"!

Ultimately what this spells is yet another MP who hasn't really thought through the things they believe in and subscibe to and are attempting to foist onto the rest of us. Tut tut tut.


Blogger Leon said...

What's your problem! Stop criticising Christians! If you took more time to read the Bible instead of criticising it, yo'ud realise that Jesus told those who wanted to become his disciples to give all they had to the poor. Some of the greatest Christians were wealthy. Noah, David, King Solomon, etc. And there were wars in the Bible, but the warriors were led by God. Only wanton killing is wrong. I agree some take it too far, but check the facts first before you criticize God's chosen.

10:37 pm  
Blogger Cruella said...

Most Christians I know talk about themselves as disciples. However Jesus also said that it was more likely that a camel should pass through the eye of a needle than that a rich man should serve God.

I have read the bible, the whole thing, from cover to cover. And I have a big problem with Christians, which is that I find 99% of them to be hypocrites. The bible itself is full of inconsistencies, including stuff like two creation stories. And I have a big problem with people who believe they are God's chosen and that that makes them better than everybody else.

Religion is a lie. There isn't a scrap of scientific evidence to support it. It has been stilting the progress of humanity through war, bad education and oppression for centuries and now that we have the benefits of modern understanding of how the world works we should consign it to the scrap-heap along with the tooth fairy and santa claus.

Incidentally if you think that God(s) exist and that killing in the name of God can be justified presumably you support the London bombers?

10:47 pm  
Blogger Tim Worstall said...

Err, Noah, David and Solomon? Christians? Really?

3:07 pm  
Blogger Cruella said...

Hahaha. Very good point Tim, they may have considered themselves Jewish...

2:56 pm  

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