Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Carnival of Feminists

Cruella-blog was featured in the latest edition of Carnival of Feminists over at Sour Duck, for my article about the trouble with Lad Mags. Hurray! Head on over to revel in my reflected glory or have a browse through some of the other great articles that have been recognised. And next time someone tries to tell you no-one's really bothered about feminism these days, you'll be all ready to correct them.


Blogger Melinda Casino said...

Hi Cruella,

Thanks for the mention. I was more than happy to include your excellent piece.



11:22 pm  
Blogger TalkingCat said...

And next time someone tries to tell you no-one's really bothered about feminism these days...

The next time? I think the general can't-be-botheredness is so widespread there hasn't even been a first time.
Come on now, honestly, outside of wimmin's Tuesday evening talking shops and the Grauniad's letters page when was the last time feminism was widely discussed in the media? 1973?

9:10 am  
Blogger Cruella said...

Well on the contrary I've seen lots of media coverage relating to "have women been betrayed by feminism?", "has feminism gone too far?", "are the feminists all dead now?", "weren't the feminists a silly lot?" and most popular of all "scientists prove feminists were just a bunch of nutters after all"... sad but true.

5:22 pm  
Blogger Leon said...

Well, some have gone too far. I'm all for women's equality, but a lot of feminists are pushing women's superiority. They have gone as far as to say God's a woman, because men can't nurture, and the creation of man was a mistake, and so forth. And they wonder why when they're ready to have children, men distance themselves from them?

10:42 pm  
Blogger Cruella said...

Do men distance themselves from women who want children? I'm not aware of this phenomenon. If so there are a surprisingly high number of kids around in my area...

As for feminism going too far. Women currently earn 72% of the rate men do for work of equivalent value in the UK. I call that not far enough.

As for women being superior to men, hmm, lets see... We do most of the child-raising, most of the food-producing, most of the nursing, most of the voluntary work, all of the child-bearing, hardly any of the murdering and none of the raping. I'd say that gives us the edge...

10:52 pm  

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